What Is A 2 In 1 Laptop???

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Get the best of a tablet and a laptop with a 2 in 1 device — what’s more they are good with Windows 10. Learn more.

Do I need a laptop and a tablet?

Laptops are great for documents, prepping presentations and composing mails. Pills are built for Netflix, online searching and shopping through Facebook.

What Is A 2 In 1 Laptop

What Is A 2 In 1 Laptop?

One device that works as both a laptop and a tablet computer. Some look like traditional laptops, others are made like a tablet. 2 in 1s are best for Windows 10, which can be built for touchscreen controls as well as the mouse and keyboard.

Creative, pupil, or working specialist? Discover which two in 1 is Ideal for you with our manual

Here’s what to look for while buying a 2 in 1…

Get the ideal design — hinged or removable?

Whether you opt for a 2 in 1 that is primarily a notebook or vice-versa is dependent upon how you plan to utilize it.

Desk-based forms — laptop first

If you are using your device primarily as a laptop, and will usually be working at a desk — writing emails, working on spreadsheets and reports, the notebook layout will fit you best.

The Lenovo Yoga was the very first laptop-style two in 1. It seems and feels like a superior laptop, but push the display backwards on its hinge and it will become a tablet computer resting flat against the rear of the keyboard.

Always on the move — pill first

The Microsoft Surface Guru is the first tablet that could replace your laptop. It is a tablet computer with all the specs of a powerful PC compacted inside. If you want to use it like a notebook, just attach the magnetic keyboard (sold individually).

Are you seeing Netflix or delivering demonstrations?

Watching films and TV shows on your notebook is good — but clicking the mouse and using the computer keyboard is hardly relaxing. Using your palms to slide through screens is a lot smoother.

The exact same can be said for when you’re taking people via a PowerPoint presentation or your own creative portfolio. Touchscreens make everything effortless.

The HP Spectre X360 has a complete HD screen so Stranger Matters or your sales figures will look pin-sharp.

Super strong Intel Core i7 means Adobe design software will operate smoothly. While Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers can help you get lost in Netflix.

How much electricity do you need?

Do you plan on using your 2 in 1 to web browsing, social media and word processing?

Processor: Basic users, digital-savvy multitaskers and serious creatives all require various levels of processing power.

SSD (solid state drive): The easiest way to make your laptop faster, SSD replaces slow and noisy hard drives to boot your machine and start programs in seconds.

Many premium two in 1s have Intel Core i5 processing and SSD storage. But do not buy more laptop than you need — if you are only a casual person, save money with the lower-powered Lenovo MIIX 310.