Top 8 Best Wireless Earbuds Under $50

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Finding a good set of inexpensive earbuds has become a lost art form. Not everybody has the money or the incentive to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on something which they’re only likely to use for casual listening or a commute to work.

In regards to convenience nothing beats being able to throw your cans on your pocket until you need them again. The best over-the-ear headphones lack the level of portability. Together with earbuds, you used to need to sacrifice a lot of quality if you needed a sub-$50 pair of earbuds, but that is not necessarily true anymore. So if you’re looking for a pair that’s good to use while working out or you would like to find out the crying baby on your flight, these high headphones under $50 will do just fine.

Best Overall: Tesson T890 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds : $ 40

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50-Tesson T890

Our pick for the best overall cans under $50 are the Tesson T890 Bluetooth earbuds, which are built for workout, but also good for just about anything else you’d need to do while listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks. On the outside, you will notice the earbuds are small enough to fit into any ear, and the buds are magnetic, so that they can fit together easily for storing on your bag. On the interior, the T890 earbuds are made with the most recent technology that brings out good sound quality and noise cancellation. The only disadvantage is that these just last five hours through continuous play, however they do last 200 hours on standby, so we could feasibly image you would be fine if you bill them every other day.

Best Overall: Shure SRH145m+ : $50

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50-Shure SRH145m+

Shure has been making huge waves with its range of affordable headphones, and the SRH145m+ collection is the cream of this crop. Additionally, it has better features (an inline remote and microphone) and audio quality compared to its predecessor (SRH144).

Test the SRK145m+ headphones on a track with a great deal of sub-bass and you’ll find a reasonably powerful sound without distortion. The mid- and high- tones are pleasantly true, forgoing the current trend for over-intensity (read: Beats cans).

The design is neat — instead of an adjustable headband, the earcups can slide up and down the inside of it, and hinges enable them to be folded for simple storage. The cans are just .36 pounds along with the dual-side five-foot cord gives you increased mobility.

To keep the cost down there aren’t any other accessories supplied, but SRH145m+ headphones are an excellent budget option.

Best for Sound Quality: Ausdom Wireless Headphones, cost: $43.

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50-Ausdom Wireless Headphones

Name-brand audio companies such as Bose and Sennheiser have spent a lot of advertising dollars to make certain customers associate their brand with high fidelity audio quality. And while these companies do make impressive products, the price is usually passed at checkout. However, with imports available to U.S. consumers via online marketplaces, vague companies like Ausdom are offering High Fidelity cans for a fraction of the purchase price of established competitors.

This over-ear headset out of Ausdom works either wireless using Bluetooth 4.0 technologies or can be attached via 3.5millimeter audio cable. They’ve 3D surround audio, powerful bass that is deep, incredibly clear treble plus a frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz. The volume will go as loudly (and likely louder) than your ears can handle, all while maintaining clear and balanced sound quality.

As well as the excellent audio quality, these headphones have a battery life of over 20 hours, remarkable long range in bluetooth mode, control for phone calls, and comfortable design with artificial protein leather that feels great on the ears. The Ausdom headphone proves you can get a top-shelf listening experience without paying name-brand price.

Best Wireless: Creative Sound Blaster Jam : $40

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50-Creative Sound Blaster Jam

For just $35, you’ll find the wireless Creative Sound Blaster Jams, which can be milder in 8.8 oz. And will give you up to 12 hours of battery life. Audio quality can’t fit the Skullcandy Uproars. If you don’t switch on the bass increase, the bass is too feeble, and with it participated the noise can get distorted at higher volumes. The design, too, can’t match the Uproars; the earpads are not as comfortable and the headphones can’t be folded. However, overall they are a worthy choice if Skullcandy Uproars are overly flashy for your own taste.


Best Wireless: Skullcandy Uproar : $45

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50-Skullcandy Uproar


Skullcandy is known for its budget headphones, and they supply the best set under $50. The battery life is 10 hours and in 10.6 oz., they are pretty trim. And they come in seven different colors.

The sound quality is great, but not completely accurate. The bass is fostered, so if you’re looking for reference noise then look elsewhere. This might be most evident on classical music. On the other hand, the bass does not overpower the mids and the highs are nicely balanced. Basically, if you feel the same as other headphones often don’t have enough bass in the mix that the Uproars are for you personally.

Best for Sound Quality: Edifier H840 : $40.

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50-Edifier H840

These wired over-ear headphones from Edifier provide high fidelity sound in a comfortable and classic design. The cans are engineered to deliver life-like sound quality at an entry-level cost and do their job well. They include a powerful 40mm driver and also have a frequency response of 20Hz-20Khz with an impedance of 32Ohm. The comfortable over-ear design provides a fair amount of noise isolation to support the noise. Volume could stand to be a bit louder, but the bass and range supplies an impressive sound even at lower volume noise.

Best Noise-Canceling: TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones : $46Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50-TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Nowadays, everyone can purchase a excellent pair of noise-cancelling cans, even on a strict budget. Our choice for noise-cancelling earbuds under $50 are the TaoTronics Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. These headphones are crafted using aluminum metal that give it a premium look, and they can reduce desktop sounds up to 30dB, which may make it a whole lot easier to listen to music or podcasts while you’re traveling or working.

The 140 mAh battery onboard gives you 15 hours of continuous play on one charge, so you’ll be fine if you bill them every couple of days. And for control, there’s a 3 button remote on the 55-inch-long cable which lets you select tracks and change the volume. Bear in mind these aren’t likely to cancel noise in addition to high-end noise-cancelling headphones, but they’ll perform a better-than-average job and offer you a lot less money.


Best for Exercise: Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds : $30.

Best Wireless Earbuds Under 50-Photive PH-BTE70 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

PH-BTE70s give you the Beats Powerbeats 2 clip-on mode with no Beats price tag. All these earbuds also buck the in-ear exercise trend of garish colors to get a minimalist black look, and there’s barely any branding on these.
The sound quality of the headphones are characterized by a wide spacious presentation — when listening to audio you receive lively acoustics, thanks to a design that retains the buds .

As they are wireless headphones, you have compression to contend with, however Bluetooth 4.0 using apt-X is supported so you’ll still find high quality sound.

Though the six-hour battery life isn’t anything particular, the cans’ on-board controls permit you to play, pause and skip tracks in addition to answer telephone calls by simply reaching behind your ear.

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