Top 5 Best Robotic Vacuum For Pets

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Best Robotic Vacuum For Pets, Ask any pet owner and the biggest hassle for them would be cleaned up pet hair off upholstery and carpeting. However, what happens during those in between times when you don’t pull out your vertical since you are just too busy with work or with lifetime to manually lock those messes.

If you have a couple hundred dollars to spend, may I suggest 5 of those robot vacuums that are best designed to clean up pet hair.

Now these machines aren’t ideal and I will give you tips in the future this informative article about how best to make the most of their strengths so they will be able to clean your houses without becoming stuck so you’ll come home to a home with clean floors not cluttered with hair.

What’s the Best Robot Vacuum Match for You? Find Your Match!

I created this wise selector to help people make more informed decisions according to their own special needs.

Neato BotVac D80

Best Robotic Vacuum For Pets - Neato BotVac D80

Neato has upped its game with the release of this BotVac series. They’ve made improvements in many important areas where consumers found lacking. First, they have added a side brush hallelujah! This omission has been among the biggest complaints by consumers when they’ve used the Neato Robotic products and they’ve finally added .

This improves edge cleaning and when you add the broader motorized brush, you have a more effective cleaning machine which will pick up plenty of pet hair particularly on bare floors.

The navigation also gets an upgrade as a result of the brand new QNX operating system which improves its robots capacity to avoid objects altogether, however, also the laser based navigation system is not perfect. Since it cannot “see” items, just “feel” it, it is going to bulge onto overhanging obstacles out of the line-of-sight of the laser detector.
This specific model is an updated version of this BotVac 80, this variant is equipped with a more powerful motor and comes with an updated motorized brush which is better at picking up pet hair on both the hardwood and carpeting.

Roomba 880

Best Robotic Vacuum For Pets - Roomba 880

Though the other robot cleaners use a bristled or a squeegee, brush for overtraining, engineers from robot took a different direction and made a brand-new system known as the airforce extractors that has eliminated the need for bristles all-together.

In terms of cleaning pet hair, the 880 nevertheless cannot conquer the XV signature pro in cleaning pet hair on low and mid-pile carpet in addition to hardwood so I have it ranked at number 3.

This is a much better option than the Roomba 790 if you are looking to clean pet hair. The random pattern makes this prone to bumping furniture and anticipate a few minor scratches here and there.

If you’re concerned about that, you’ll be better off with a Neato.

It will come with a remote control which utilizes infrared signal so that you don’t have to target it at the robot in order for it to work.

Monoprice Strata Home Cadet

Best Robotic Vacuum For Pets - Monoprice Strata Home Cadet

The Strata Home Cadet is Monoprice’s low-cost entrance into the robot vacuum market. The Cadet includes anti-drop and anti-collision detectors to keep it from falling down stairs and running into walls and furniture, and it can automatically discover what surface it’s on and fix the suction accordingly. Measuring 12.8 x 13.1 x 3.34 inches, it must fit under plenty of furniture to pick up dust bunnies. It has a 0.25-liter bin, and will run up to 65 minutes before needing a recharge. If you measure up to the Strata SmartVac 2.0 ($222.35 on Amazon) , you get additional features like scheduled cleaning, a 0.5-liter dustbin, 100-minute runtime, remote controller, and also a wet-mopping function.

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

Best Robotic Vacuum For Pets - Xiaomi Robot Vacuum

A brand new Neato BotVac connected robot will probably set you back around $700, even the scaled down version, the D5 prices almost $700 as you know I am a major fan of this Neato and while their products are top-notched better compared to Dyson in my opinion.

The prices of the products will make you think twice before pulling the trigger and purchasing it.
And if you’re having second thoughts on the Neato, but nevertheless want the same performance, then this is your lucky day since the Xiaomi (or the MI) robot vacuum caters to the particular segment in the market — people searching for a high-quality robot vacuum at a great price point.

The MI robot has a comparable feature set as a Neato BotVac, so it has the exact same laser-guided sensor on top, combination brush roll, SLAM algorithm and a smart phone app which allows you to control the robot remotely even from your work location.

To give you an idea how this robot vacuum performs, watch this video where I test it cleaning 70 grams worth of baby and ginger powder

Samsung VR9000

It includes some really cool features that only present within this robot which will entice you even contemplate it.
At first glance, this system looks like a Duracell battery because of the gold cylinder on top which actually houses the vacuum engine. When you look carefully at the dirt bin, you’ll see a cyclonic filtration system not generally utilized in robot vacuums.

The only other robotic cleaner using this performance is the $1200++ Dyson 360 eye catching.

While this feature supposedly should make this a much better performing cleaner in contrast to a Roomba or Neato, it could not transcend it based on testimonials and controlled tests.

The presence of the cyclonic system also raises the height of the so it will have a hard time fitting under furniture reduced than 5.3 inches.

One of the neat features of the VR9000 is the pointer navigation system. In manual cleaning mode, you can use the laser pointer and point at which the robot will go next — this is simpler than pressing arrows in my opinion.
It has a broad 12″ cleaning path that’s 5 inches greater than the 880 but it doesn’t have any side brushes.
As it uses a camera based system for navigation, it learns the design of a room and following runs will be more efficient (e.g. Few bumps on furniture ) but it will struggle to clean in low light areas.

This machine easily doubles the purchase price of the BotVac 80 and is a couple hundred dollars more expensive than the Roomba 880.

It will come with a 1 year guarantee on the robot and, get this, 10 years for the motor so there’s a peace of mind.