Top 10 Toys For Boys This Christmas And Birthday

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You better watch out because, let’s face it, Christmas is around the corner. It’s never too early to get a jump start on the coolest gifts for kids. There’s nothing worse than being under the gun, while people always post the countdown to Christmas on social media (the strain is true!) . We’ve scoured some of the highest toy wish-lists and all round great gift ideas . Because of this, we’ve uncovered the best selling toys and games out of the top toy retailers and found that the best deals so you don’t need to. Top 10 Toys For Boys This Christmas and Birthday below!

1.Top Toys For Boys – Hatchimals Egg (Interactive) : $59 from amazone

For real this has been one of the greatest secret toys all year after everyone went nuts for it in the 2016 Toy Fair. There are a whole lot of different ‘eggs’ that you can purchase which are all interactive, your kids can care for them, and then suddenly they hatch using a surprise animal inside. How cool! With Hatchimal names like owlicorn, penguala, draggles, burtle, or bearakeet we can only assume these guys are a mix of owl-unicorns, penguin-koalas, and…uh…puppy fraggles? Still lost?

2.Top Toys For Boys  – Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey $15 from amazone

Top Toys For Boys - Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkey

Well here they are people, among the hottest new toys this year! These cute little tiny interactive monkeys move on to a finger, react to sound, motion and touch by blinking their eyes, shifting their head, and talking about cute monkey talk. If you blow them a kiss they’ll kiss you back and they are able to hang upside down on your finger and fighter around. They also come in brown, blue, blue, purple, pink, and white.

3.Top Toys For Boys – Googly Eyes Drawing Game for the Whole Family $13 from amazone

Simply put on some vision-altering goggles, start drawing, and have your team try to guess just what it is that you’re drawing. We used to play this in college with beer abilities, but this is the kid-friendly variant and very fun for the entire fam.

4.Top Toys For Boys – The New Teddy Ruxpin $94 from amazone

So this is the toy individuals are already losing their thoughts over. You know you grew up with Teddy, however, this is actually the Teddy Ruxpin of this Digital Age. Pre-order him as soon as possible because this really is the gift that parents will wind up getting trampled over in a Toys R Us this holiday season.

5.Top Toys For Boys – Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle $37 from amazone

Play as your favorite Harry Potter character Such as Harry himself, Hermione, Ron, or Neville. Defend the wizarding world from all evil forces. Have a blast gaining sway, mastering the most effective spells, discover magic items, recruit allies, and more!

6.Top Toys For Boys – Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty $14 from amazone

Thinking Putty comes in various colours, illusions, glow-in-the-dark, heat-sensitive, (recall Hyper-Color tops?!) And much more. Stretch it, roll it, and dip it. Sure, it’s kind of a toy, but the satisfying addictiveness and anxiety relief is a total win.

7.Top Toys For Boys – DreamWorks Trolls ‘Hug Time’ Poppy $50 from amazone

Since you know you and your kids are going to be watching The Trolls movie over and over again. And again. And over again. This always lovable “Hug Time’ Poppy is always up for a hug and speaks 25 phrases every time you offer her a small kiss and then press her belly. Plus, she plays songs from the film and even stones back and forth. Endless joy.

8.Top Toys For Boys – Star Wars Interactech Imperial Stormtrooper Action Figure $19 from amazone

The trendiest 12-inch activity figure this season. If your kid loves Star Wars (I mean) they’ll love the 70+ noise and light effects. Plus, the motion detectors and action phrases actually bring this Stormtrooper into life.

9.Top Toys For Boys – Cozmo the Toy Robot by Anki $170 from amazone

The insanely cool and super adorable toy robot that is as near a real-life buddy you can get. Cozmo learns more about you the longer you hang out with it, such as facial recognition, your title, and has a huge number of emotions.

10.Top Toys For Boys – Eco-Friendly Alert: ‘Green Toys’ Mini Ferry Toy Boat $21 from amazone

These are the hottest eco-friendly green toys which are made in America and from 100% recycled substances. Additionally, kids have a blast playing together and adults love that retro vibe for them. They will also love the green: Helicopter, Tea Set, Fire Truck, and Airplane!