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Nearly 40 years after it first appeared in the movies, Star Wars have been as popular as ever among kids and adults. From fun robots such as R2-D2 and the newest BB-8, to heroes like Luke Skywalker and Finn, there’s something, and someone, for all to like (even the unlikable Darth Vader).

And to help bring the action to life, the Lego company has produced distinct Star Wars sets. Featuring your favorite characters and movie scenes, each of my best 10 Lego Star Wars Sets is a fun, realistic and supply endless hours of pleasure. They are great replicas for collectors and kids will love constructing C-3P0 and the rest of the characters (not to mention parents will adore the hours of quiet while they assemble).

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Keep reading to figure out which one (or ones) is right for you and your family.

Building an impressive LEGO collection may be expensive, so we’re here to help you out, putting together the record of the 20 finest Star Wars LEGO sets for under 50 and 20 dollars.

Evidently, you can venture out into the unknown on your own and look for the right set or places for you, but trusting us does not take up a lot of time and who knows — you just may enjoy yourself AND discover what you’re Searching for:

1.Star Wars LEGO Attack on Hoth Set $37.79

Lego Star Wars Sets Under 20 to 50 Dollars-Star Wars LEGO Attack on Hoth Set

I really like LEGO sets that give you more than just 1 character or automobile, but actually portray an entire portion of the movie. The ‘Hoth Attack’ Star Wars LEGO set also comes with a rebel trooper, a snowtrooper and Han Solo.

  • Comes with a foldout Echo Base with a rotating tower with opening hatch and Film missile, trench, Imperial Probe Droid and an Imperial stud shooter
  • Contains 3 minifigures: Han Solo, a Rebel Trooper and an Imperial Snow trooper
  • Rebel base Steps More than 4″ (12cm) high, 5″ (14cm) wide and 4″ (12cm) deep
  • Recreate unforgettable ice-planet battles from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
  • Weapons include a blaster rifle, blaster and a blaster pistol

2.Star Wars LEGO Obi-Wan Jedi Interceptor $44.83

Lego Star Wars Sets Under 20 to 50 Dollars-Star Wars LEGO Obi-Wan Jedi Interceptor

Like you’d expect from Obi Wan Kenobi’s interceptor, this LEGO set includes Obi-Wan, a droid to help the boat function along with a lightsaber, just in the event of The Obi Wan Jedi LEGO Ship currently costs $19.99.

Reviews: Yet again, kid unit loved this set. The seven year old couldn’t wait to put it together. Mommy only helped a bit. He’s had hours of fun playtime with the set.

3.Star Wars LEGO Rebels Ghost Ship $18.57

Lego Star Wars Sets Under 20 to 50 Dollars-Star Wars LEGO Rebels Ghost Ship

  • Features big engines, stud shooter and an open cockpit with distance for a minifigure to sit
  • Includes a blaster pistol and extra stud shooter ammo
  • Contains a Hera Syndulla minifigure
  • Makes a Wonderful addition to any micro fighter collectible set

Reviews: My kids loved them. After we got everything assembled and set it up was perfect. Just the right number of bits and time spent on building as to be anticipated. The colors are bright and it was simple to follow instructions and place them together. The sets look like thing right out of the movie. Can’t wait to get them all put together.

4.Star Wars LEGO Carbon Freezing Chamber $21.49

Lego Star Wars Sets Under 20 to 50 Dollars-Star Wars LEGO Carbon Freezing Chamber

  • Features a control Centre, Suspend bed with freeze function, staircase and an elevator
  • Recreate unforgettable scenes from Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
  • Lift Boba Fett into position with the Lift so he can keep guard
  • Includes 3 minifigures: Han Solo, Boba Fett, his helmet as Well as Ugnaught
  • Measures over 5″ (13cm) high (with carbonite Mattress Increased), 7″ (18cm) wide and 5″ (14cm) Heavy

Reviews: That is awesome! It is Lego’s and Star Wars…what more needs to be said? I actually bought this for my HUSBAND, who’s a massive Star Wars fan. He adored it. He has it displayed in his office. Super cute!

5.Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder $17.99

Lego Star Wars Sets Under 20 to 50 Dollars-Star Wars LEGO Snowspeeder

If you are going to be taking down LEGO AT-ATs, you are going to require a LEGO snowspeeder.

  • Characteristics realistic detailing, two movie missiles plus a miniature cockpit for the Snowspeeder Pilot minifigure to sit in
  • As seen in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
  • Steps over 2″ (6cm) high, 3″ (8cm) long and 3″ (8cm) wide
  • Amazing miniature version of this Snowspeeder featured in the Star Wars movies!
  • Track down and intercept 75075 LEGO Star Wars AT-AT

Reviews: A buddy of mine gave me the micro Imperial shuttle, and that I had a lot of fun putting it together I started searching for others. I Got the micro Tie Interceptor and micro Snow Speeder. Between the two, the snow speeder has been the most fun to build. I’m amazed that they could create such a tiny representation of the snow speeder so perfectly. I always loved legos as a child, and that I wish I had time to play them.

6.Star Wars LEGO Imperial Stormtroopers Transport $19.99

Lego Star Wars Sets Under 20 to 50 Dollars-Star Wars LEGO Imperial Stormtroopers Transport

This Imperial trooper transportation is part of Disney’s Star Wars Rebels line which means these LEGO Stormtroopers can’t hit anything too, but at least they have a wonderful ride. You can currently buy it for $10.25.

Reviews: This small set is awesome for the money. It doesn’t seem to be as exciting as, say, an X-wing fighter, but it has a lot of great little details:

  1. Of course you get 4 stormtroopers, whose helmets have nice detailing, who will stand on the transportation and have midsize platforms that rise up and down.
  2. Each one of their blasters actually shoots, and shoots really far! This was a great surprise, but obviously is meant for slightly older kids, as the bits are very small and can easily be lost (my 4.5yo is simply old enough I think).
  3. The transportation itself comes with manually shooting missiles, and a cool slide-in storage space for extra blaster ammo. Along with the transportation itself feels solidly built.

All in all, a great toy for your star wars Lego collection.

7.LEGO Star Wars 75033 Star Destroyer $22.95

Lego Star Wars Sets Under 20 to 50 Dollars-LEGO Star Wars 75033 Star Destroyer

While a TIE fighter is cool, a Star Destroyer, even in LEGO form, is impressive.

  • Incredible tiny edition of the true ship
  • Lead the Empire into battle against 75032 X-Wing Fighter
  • Actions more than 1INCH (5cm) substantial, 3″ (9cm) long and TWOINCH (7cm) vast
  • Incorporates an Imperial Folks minifigure with a blaster pistol
  • Capabilities practical outlining, 2 film missiles plus a cockpit that is small for that Imperial Folks minifigure to take a seat in

Reviews: Equally my kid and I adore the mircofighter line. He’s SEVERAL and enjoy them for all of the the packages that simple the develop along with the minifigures. I prefer these because of the value. Because they considers the star destroyers are cool although not as awesome while the millennium falcon, our child enjoys this set in distinct. Who are able to blame him?

8.Star Wars LEGO TIE Fighter Advanced Prototype $6.99

Lego Star Wars Sets Under 20 to 50 Dollars-Star Wars LEGO TIE Fighter Advanced Prototype

While I do like an X-WIng, no little fighter is cooler than the TIE fighter, that happens to be a royal conflict ship. This one, that comes along with the pilot (they have the best helmets)

  • Features movable wings, dual flick missiles and a open cockpit with space for a minifigure to sit
  • Steps (with horns unfolded) above two” (7cm) high, 1″ (5cm) long and 3″ (8cm) wide
  • Makes a Fantastic addition to any micro fighter classic set
  • Includes a blaster pistol and additional flick missile ammo
  • Contains a TIE Pilot minifigure using a TIE Pilot helmet

9.Star Wars LEGO Geonosis Troopers Pack $24.79

Lego Star Wars Sets Under 20 to 50 Dollars-Star Wars LEGO Geonosis Troopers Pack

The Star Wars Geonosis battle pack LEGO place if ideal for fans of the Clone Wars series, and anybody who likes to watch his Stormtroopers (and comparable troopers) in a different colour.

  • Features a walker with a never-before-seen rapid shooter
  • Walker measures over 5″ (15cm) high, 2″ (7cm) long and 1″ (5cm) wid
  • Inspired from The Clone Wars universe
  • Expand your LEGO Star Wars collection for this great battle bunch

Not much to say but My son loves legos and Star Wars. He had been shopping around and found this online. My local walmart didnt have it so I came here in order to buy. Its a pretty cool set. It does take the little blue lego parts as you crank a deal. They provide you extras but just wanting you to know becuase they’ll get lost easy. Or if you dont want something that shoots. I’ve seen them traveling over 6 feet haha.

10.Star Wars LEGO X-Wing Fighter $6.99

Lego Star Wars Sets Under 20 to 50 Dollars-Star Wars LEGO X-Wing Fighter

A Fantastic resistance pilot needs a great X-Wing fighter to fly , so if you Enjoy imagining yourself bombing That the Death Star, this is the LEGO Place for you

Reviews: This Lego model is ideal for your child for Christmas. Never mind the fact he’s 37 and has not had a real job because he got fired out of Circuit City 15 decades back. He will love it! Nevermind the fact he’ll probably never open it, but instead place it in his glass display case right next to the Doctor Who’s Sonic Screwdriver, and the autographed head shot of Jim Parsons. The main point is this is a great gift and I highly recommend it.