Best 800 Number Services for Small Businesses

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Have you ever thought about having an 800 number for your enterprise? Perhaps you just started a company and you want to appeal to a broader customer base. Or maybe you are an established company and need the authenticity and trust variable of getting an 800 number that does not limit you in your geographic area.
Toll-free numbers might look like they’re only used by big corporate giants, but due to the technology any small business or entrepreneur can get an 800 number at a reasonable price, provided you pick the best company and the ideal plan to fit your business requirements.
To assist you in the research process, I will compare four distinct companies that provide 800 numbers and speak about whether or not it may be perfect for you and your company.


My favorite phone service is Grasshopper because this is one that I have personally employed. The app is user friendly and you can even have boundless extensions that’s excellent if you have multiple employees.

They now provide four different plans:
$12 a month with another 6 cent per minute fee
$24 a month for 500 minutes (this program includes two phone numbers)
$49 a month for 2000 minutes
$199 a month for 10,000 moments (this plan comprises three 800 numbers)
As of this writing, all four plans have free activation as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.
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2.Ring Central
It is worth noting that Ring Central provides a free trial so that you can try it out for free and see whether it is a fantastic match for you.

Their 800 number plans are as follows:
Pro Plan includes 300 minutes a month to the low price of $9.99
The Pro Plus Plan includes 1000 minutes per month for $19.99
The Pro Power Plan includes 2000 minutes a month for $24.99
There are two things that you should know about Ring Central.
The first is that they have a $30 activation fee that the other businesses do not strike you with an activation at all. The next is that they cannot convert voicemail to text similar to the other services can.

The third firm is named eVoic. Like most other companies, eVoice offers a free 30-day trial together with all of their plans.
EVoice additionally supplies 800 numbers for businesses of all sizes in addition to a 24-hour, 7 days per week auto attendant, call routing into your home, office and cellular number, and voicemail capabilities that allow messages to be sent to your email or to your mobile phone as a text.
EVoice has four different strategies for business customers to choose from. The details on each plan are listed below.

The $12.99 Strategy
Using eVoice’s $12.99 per month program, you’ve got access to a total of 6 numbers (local or toll free), alternatives for two extensions and you’re permitted 300 minutes with the plan. A very affordable strategy for a new or smaller business.

The $29.99 Strategy
The $29.99 per month plan is eVoice’s most popular strategy, according to its site. With this program your company can have access to a total of 15 numbers (local or toll free), options for up to 5 extensions and 1000 accessible minutes to use.

The $49.99 Strategy
EVoice’s $49.99 a month program gives your business access to a total of 30 numbers (local or toll free), 10 extensions and 2000 available minutes.
This plan would work nicely for a larger company.

The $79.99 Strategy
The business’s $79.99 a month program gives business owners access to around 45 amounts (local or toll free), 15 extensions and 4000 accessible moments.
This would be a strategy you would choose if you had a large business or spend quite a lot of time on calls with clients.

To reach a 4000 minute a month limitation, you and your staff would need to be spending a total of at least sixty-six hours per month on the phone with customers.

All of the eVoice plans do allow customers to purchase additional minutes for a cost of 3.9 cents per minute.
EVoice did seem to include more amounts with each one of their strategies, which are a nice benefit for businesses that need or need to possess several toll free numbers.

But, it does not incorporate a minute plan in the 10,000 minute-plus range, therefore it may not be a good match for those who have a larger company.