Best 70-75 Inch 4k TV

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Thanks to strong image quality and plummeting costs, extremely large screen televisions offering high quality have not been cheaper. So when you’re shopping for a new tv, do not restrict yourself to a 55 inch television or 65 inch television set just because you believe that it’s all you can afford. If you aren’t at least contemplating the top 70-75 inch TV as a portion of your purchase alternatives, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Its display quality is just amazing, as a result of the 4K resolution and numerous zones for local dimming. Even if upscaling HD resolution programming to match this 4K display, you are going to be quite impressed with the display quality. The 75N8000U yields a 120Hz refresh rate, making it work nicely for fast-moving activity on the display, such as movies or sports. And you also won’t have to need for more ports with this Sharp model, as it’s four HDMI and 3 USB ports available, which makes it effortless to connect all your devices.

Surely, the top 70-plus-inch TV available on the market is still likely to be an expensive version that will take a four figure price tag. However, you may be surprised just how big of a television it is possible to squeeze into your budget if you do a little searching around. See Best 70-75 Inch 4k TV:

Sharp LC-75N8000U 75″ LED TV : Retail Price: $2,140 | Display Technology: LED-LCD | 4K Capable: Yes

Best 70 Inch 4K Tv - Sharp LC-75N8000U 75″ LED TV

I loved the screen quality found with the Sharp LC-75N8000U, because it combines premium colour accuracy with excellent contrast levels. The device’s contrast ratio of 18,000-to-1 is among the best you’ll find.

When analyzing the LC-75N8000U, the screen’s wide viewing angle was extremely impressive. Some large screen TVs struggle with maintaining their viewing quality when people are sitting off centre, but this nimble model rises above the pack in this area. And Sharp did a excellent job with audio quality with the 75N8000U, as it has six speakers on the back of the unit.

One area in which the Sharp 75N8000U lags a little behind is in its absence of HDR technologies, however, that allows the producer to offer this display at a little bit of a lower cost point. Unless you’re watching an HDR-enabled TV beside the 75N8000U, you probably won’t notice the difference in colour brightness, however, since the Sharp version does such a terrific job with color.

Ultimately, I had been impressed with all the energy efficiency of this Sharp 75N8000U. Keeping in mind that enormous screen TVs naturally gobble up the energy, but Sharp provides a power saving mode with the 75N8000U making it comparable in energy usage to 60- and 65-inch TVs.

LG 70UH6350 – Best Color : Retail Price: $1,649.99 | Display Technology: LED-LCD | 4K Capable: Yes

Best 70 Inch 4K Tv - LG 70UH6350

WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: With HDR you receive color vibrancy at a reasonable price.

The LG 70UH6350 tv provides consistently terrific color precision versus other 70-inch TVs, as a result of its 4K screen resolution along with its HDR display technology. (HDR technology in a TV allows the screen to process and display all the color data saved with the electronic signal, allowing for more compact and more accurate colors than a non-HDR-enabled unit)

One area in which the 70UH6350 lags behind some other huge screen TVs is at the amount of ports it comprises. LG offers just three HDMI ports, for example, whereas additional 70-inch and larger TVs often have four or five HDMI ports.

Samsung UN70KU6300 : Retail Price: $1,462 | Display Technology: LED-LCD | 4K Capable: Yes

Best 70 Inch 4K Tv - Samsung UN70KU6300

WHY it is a TOP PICK: Great price tag and very low enter lag for 70-inch TV.

With nominal input lag and a very easy to use Smart TV interface, the Samsung UN70KU6300 clearly qualifies as the best non 4K 70-inch television. Additionally, it ranks as a top 70 inch TV for under $2,000, as you will be hard pressed to find additional 4K resolution components for this low of a price and of this size.

The top feature of the Samsung model is the lack of input with reaction times at around 20 ms, which makes it a powerful TV for those using multi-player games. And I really like the Tizen Smart TV port Samsung offers with its new televisions, including the UN70KU6300. It offers plenty of desireable apps, while remaining easy to use.