10 Best Lego Star Wars The Clone Wars Sets 2017

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The Star Wars license was remarkably lucrative for LEGO, and the two companies have found a way to make sure there’s been a steady stream of ships, vehicles, places and more because the first LEGO Star Wars collections were released back in 1999. While Star Wars: The Force Awakens asserts to have some sweet LEGO sets of its own (I have my eye on Poe Dameron’s X-Wing), we’re looking back in the ten coolest LEGO Star Wars collections which have been published so far.

Just a word of warning: even though there have been lots of collections based from the Prequel Trilogy and the Clone Wars animated series, you won’t locate them because I have no connection to those places. I wouldn’t want to check on my plate and also be reminded of movie and TV that doesn’t interest me.

Naturally, that is not to say only sets according to the Original Trilogy are worth purchasing.

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1).Krennick’s Imperial Shuttle

Cost From amazone $98.50

Pieces: 863
Time to build: 4 hours

Krennick's Imperial Shuttle-Best Lego Star Wars SetsRogue One stand out character Director Krennick features in this set and can even fly the ship at the little cockpit at the very top. This is the biggest of all the Rogue One Star Wars sets and will be the one to go for if you want something out of LEGO to really remember the first Star Wars spin away.
There’s a ramp at the back of this Imperial Shuttle so it’s possible to place the characters to the transport company and with this set you get six complete miniature figures to play .

Krennick is the highlight character , but you also get Pao, Bodhi Rook and 2 Imperial Death Troopers so you can make your own Rogue One adventures.

There is also a K-2SO mini figure and all of the characters come fully armed with blaster pistols and so on.
Contrary to the AT-ST, farther down on this list, the blasters can take a bit further and will permit you to recreate the fantastic scenes from Rogue One effortlessly.

This collection is designed for those between nine and 14, but adults are definitely allowed to create this one if they’re appropriate Star Wars fans. You won’t want to buy this for anyone younger than twice, this is an especially difficult set to construct.

2).Imperial Assault Hovertank

Pieces: 385
Time to build: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Imperial Assault Hovertank-The Ghost-Best Lego Star Wars SetsAmong the Empire’s tough urban patrol vehicles, it comes fitted with an raised and rotating turret gun and spring-loaded shooters to target members of the Rebel Alliance.
The set includes two armed forces Stormtroopers to man the automobile and rebel Chirrut Îmwe to combat them.

Intended for ages seven to 12, the set is not a particularly difficult or lengthy build and it’s definitely among the smaller Lego Star Wars sets available right now. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and you can expect to devote no more than a hour and a half putting the set together.
As the set is rather small and it’s simple to set the characters in addition to it, the Imperial Assault Hovertank is fantastic for displaying on a shelf alongside your other Lego Star Wars bits or reconstructing a scene in the movie.


Cost From amazone $43 

Pieces: 449
Time to build: 1 hour, 15 minutes

AT-ST-The Ghost-Best Lego Star Wars SetsThe AT-ST is a Star Wars icon, with its awkward two-legged stride and heavily armored head making it one of the very ungainly vehicles at the galaxy — luckily though, it is great fun to construct from Lego.

This 449 part version took our 20-something TechRadar Master Builder around 75 minutes to construct — but with kid assistance (this is an 8 set) it is safe to assume a build time closer to 2 hours.

It is not a tough assemble, together with the 161 steps easy to follow and it is handily divided into three build totes, letting you complete one section and then step away for a minute without having a ton of bricks scattered everywhere.

The best features are the three minifigures you obtain in the box (AT-ST driver, Rebel Trooper and Baze Malbus) in addition to the spring-loaded firing lasers which see two red plastic projectiles found around one metre.

The cockpit features a lift up lid on top, enabling you to put a minifigure in the driving seat, and a piece behind the head permits you to rotate the cabin. The only little negative point is that the legs are inactive, so you can not recreate that stumbling motion with your Lego AT-ST. All around though, this is a fun build and a great looking set.


4).TIE Striker

Cost From amazone $48.99

Pieces: 543
Time to build: 2 hours

TIE Striker-The Ghost-Best Lego Star Wars SetsIt’s a new automobile for the spin-off movie and you will be sure to love this set once you’ve set it together.
It took our 20-year-old master builder a little under two hours to build, but it’d require a bit longer if you’re doing it with kids.

That is a touch cheaper than Krennick’s Imperial Shuttle – the priciest of the Rogue One places – but you will not be let down with this.

Plus it’ll give you a bit of a challenge with its 176 step process to build.

5).The Ghost

Pieces: 929

The Ghost-Best Lego Star Wars SetsAside from Star Wars: Rebels being the best iteration of Star Wars since BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic and Also the best thing in canon since Return of the Jedi, this Really Is an impress Boat on its own merits.

It has got two cockpits, spring-loaded shooters, storage hatches, rotating gun turret, plus more. However, the coolest part is that it could dock with its own shuttle, The Phantom. Sure, that is sold individually, but it’s nice that both go together. Minifigures:  Hera Syndulla,Kanan Jarrus, Stormtrooper, Zeb Orrelios